the good dog co.

the good dog co.

MUSH... er... What?!

Sled dog. Historically the main means of transport for many living in the arctic regions of northern Canada and Alaska where mushers and their dogs would face the vast and rugged north together. Working as a pack in perfect symphony.

Nowadays, this remains but a beautiful example of the strong and interdependent relationship that humans and dogs have shared for millennia. 

An ode to the beautiful nature of dogs. To their innate strength, intelligence, resilience and loyalty.

A metaphor for the journeys and adventures we decide to share with our dogs every day and a promise to always value and respect their true nature.

And that is how Musher’s came to be. We’re an independent family-owned company with a passion for dogs that’s been passed down through the generations.

The ethics behind Musher’s are simple. We value dogs for what they really are, so we strive to provide them with food care and accessories which respect their nature and instincts. 

We personally research all of our products to be sure they respect these values and only choose to select the very best.