(not a dog spa)

  • Natural Sensitive Products
  • Stress-Free Grooming
  • Play-time & treats Included

In a pack or in our homes, grooming is a way for dogs to connect with one another, to create bonds and to demonstrate affection. 

At Iditabath we don’t want for our grooming sessions become a dreaded and stressful experience. So we strive to create a fun and entertaining environment where dogs are given the time they need to get to know our groomers and the tools of the trade. Baths can be fun when you’re allowed to bring toys in the tub with you. All of our doggy customers also get at least one play-time break during their grooming session where they can play, pounce, roll around and shake it all off. For our less active couch potatoes we have two comfy armchairs and a huge fluffy dog bed where they can rest a little while during their breaks or while waiting for their lift. No cages or constraints! 

Along with a happy environment, health is our top priority. We only use top-quality, natural, sensitive and medicated products and design a treatment specific to your dog’s needs, all included in the regular grooming price. Our tools and grooming areas are cleaned and sterilized in between each grooming session. 

Our head of salon, Dani, is fluent in dog grooming, health and behavior. She has experience as a dog trainer and dog show groomer and is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about canine ethology, knowledge which she implements into her grooming session flawlessly. 

Beach Day

from £18
  • Natural Coat Specific or Medicated Shampoo
  • Ear and Face (Eyes) Wash
  • Gentle low-noise blowdry or towel-dry
  • Play-time Break & Treats